KL - Single Kayak

Uključeno s kajakom: Utori za ribičke štapove (x1), Suha komora (x1), Ručke za nošenje

Kupovinom 2 ili više Single Kajaka – BESLATPNA dodatna oprema! – Veslo (x1), Sjedalo (x1), Vezica za prtljagu (x2)


The lightest kayak in our catalog is ideal for adventurous excursions, exercises and fun. The handles on each side of the kayak make it extremely portable. It also has built-in grooves for fishing rods that are ideal for recreational fishermen, and the paddle is included in the offer. This unskinable kayak comes with a self-draining system and a dry chamber for stograge. You can store the rest in two networks and in a practical seatbag. The kayak is intended for adults and we do not recommend giving it to children under 12 years of age. We always recommend wearing a lifejacket (not included in the offer) on the kayak.
Weight 22.5 kg
Dimensions 270 × 80 × 35 cm

Military Camouflage, Blue-Green, Blue-White, Red-Black

Carrying Capacity

One (1) person

Included with Kayak

Utori za ribičke štapove (x2), Suha komora (x1), Ručke za nošenje


made from LLDPE, UV resistant

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