Shearwater 125
Shearwater 125 is made for all waters, the most versatile and adaptable fishing kayak in the world. It gives the lucky owner a whole new level of performance and personalization, and uncompromising confidence in every fishing venture.
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Sea Ghost 130
Više avantura s novim Vibe Sea Ghost 130 kajakom. Iznimno široki trup nudi neusporedivu stabilnost, brzinu, vrhunska upravljivost za plovidbu na svim vodama. Odličan stabilan kajak za ribolov ili rekreaciju.
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Yellowfin 100
The Yellowfin 100 is the perfect kayak for handling fishing rods as well as sailing on all waters. The Vibe Hero seat provides comfort and support for long days on the water. Yellowfin 100 is an excellent stable kayak for fishing or recreation.
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